Love This Life by Theresa Troutman REVIEW!!!

Last night i finished Love This Life by Theresa Troutman
And here's what i thought about it!!

I loved and hated this book.
Watching the relationship between tessa and Sebastian Was amazing.
The love they have for one another is breathtaking.
Tess made a huge mistake and Stebastian was so understanding and caring it is truly amazing because most men would not be that understanding.
Then when they get married it sounds like such a beautiful ceremony Just like out of a fairy tale. 
Their relationship keeps growing and strengthening through their honey moon(which totally made me jealous! lol)

But once they get back home, They find out that tess is pregnant.
It was hard for me to read throughout the pregnancy because it felt like tess resented the baby inside her and even after she was born didnt hardly want to touch or hold her own child. It made me really sad.

Overall though this book was just as fantastic as the first.

Can't wait to read the third book London Loves which is out now!!!