Life's What You Make It by Theresa Troutman REVIEW!


Here is my first review.
The book was Life's What You Make It by Theresa Troutman.
I am giving it 5 stars and here is why...


This book was one of the sweetest books I've read in a long time.

Sebastian starts off in the book as every other spoiled rich kid, partying and living an out of control lifestyle.

After his friend dies during Sebastian's birthday weekend bash his mother forces him to move to Philadelphia to finish his senior year of high school.

He meets Tess on the first day of school, At first Tess tries to keep it strictly business But it doesn't last with Sebastian's charming personality and no quit attitude

the instant spark you feel between Tess and Sebastian was startling but it's what made the book great.

The trials they have to overcome as friends and lovers shows that true love really can conquer all. 

Beauty really can fall in love with a geek. (:


What I also loved about this book is the family aspect. 
Sebastian grew up with an absent mother busy with running her company and no idea who his father was or anything.
All he had was Nanny Jones, until he moved to America.
When he moves to america and meets his mothers "hired help" They quickly become more like parents than hired help and spies for his mother.
Henry, Alice, and Nanny help Sebastian realize the true meaning of family and help him to accomplish what he wants to do instead of him following his mothers plan for him.

This book is an all around great love story about finding yourself.
I can't wait to read the second one Love This Life.