***REVIEW*** University Park Series by CM Doporto


Instead of reviewing individually, I will be reviewing the series as a whole.

I COULD NOT put these books down!
I'm in shock from how fantastic the books were!
From the moment I started Opposing Sides I.Was.HOOKED!
Lexi and Raven's love is so typical but so strong and everlasting that being typical didn't matter.
Where they came from individually and what they experienced to bring them to find one an other was new and refreshing.
This series took me on an emotional roller coaster ride of a lifetime!
I devoured this series and was ecstatic when i found out a fourth book was coming!

Fall into The Raven Trap today!!
And keep your eyes out for A Different Side(Book 4) coming soon!

Opposing Sides- 

The Same Side- 

The Winning Side-