***REVIEW*** #Player by Cambria Hebert

#Player - Cambria Hebert

Move over Romeo and Juliet, There's a new Romeo in town and he only has eyes for Rimmel.

This book was everything i hoped for and more.
I could NOT put this book down.
It made me laugh and cry the entire way through.

This book was a little more intense than #Hater, But that's what made it so incredible.
I love how in-love They were and willing to do whatever it took to protect one another. The drama and challenges thrown at Rimmel and Romeo were meant to tear them apart but only brought them closer together.
The ending was absolutely perfect.
And as much as i love Braeden in the books, i really hope #Selfie isn't solely focused on him. I'm not ready to leave Rimmel and Romeo's romance.

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