***Spotlight*** The Falling Of Grace by Marisa Oldham

The Falling of Grace

By Marisa Oldham


How much heartbreak can you endure before you fall apart?


Five years ago, Grace Hathaway’s high school sweetheart disappeared, lost to a savage addiction. Abandoning love forever, Grace focuses on her successful career as a model and artist in Paris. When Ian Taylor returns to her life, what she thought was a lost romance rekindles, and Grace believes she is on the road to her happily ever after.


But devastating news threatens to shatter Grace and possibly destroy any chance of an unending love story. As her world disintegrates around her, Grace’s life spirals out of control, leading her into dark corners which change the course of her life forever. Diving into her art, new hope finds her from an unexpected place. Can she ever learn to trust again? Or will she continue her fall from grace?



The last time Grace laid eyes on Ian, he stood in the doorway of their bedroom with a look of shock on his face. His sapphire eyes blazed with fury at catching her having sex with his best friend, Jaden. At the time, Ian had grown so slender due to his drug use that his eyes sunk into his face, and his skin seemed to be only a thin barrier between his flesh and bones. He has put on weight, and his arms have filled out with refined curves and bends, which relieves her. As her eyes scan his body again, she realizes that most of his weight gain must be muscle. His healthy appearance suggests that he no longer uses drugs. Grace meets his eyes. “Why are you here?”

“I…ah,” he pauses. “That’s a long story, Gracie,” he says, cautiously. He grabs his coffee mug, raises it to his lips, and sips it slowly. Ian dips his head down to take another sip of his coffee and his sunglasses slip down his nose, exposing his blue eyes. Memories rush through Grace’s mind at seeing the striking azure color again. Memories of a time in her life where she could stare into those eyes for hours. Goosebumps form on her arms and the back of her neck. Ian only stares. Grace’s eyes dart to the beads of sweat that pool above Ian’s eyebrows, as she listens to the tapping of his shoes against the ground.

“I asked you why you’re here!” Grace snaps. Her coffee cup clanks onto the saucer that sits on the wrought iron table when she slams it down.

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