***REVIEW*** A Special Connection by Theresa Troutman

A Special Connection - Theresa Troutman

So last night I finished A Special Connection by Theresa Troutman
Here's what i thought.

The story is about a college kid names Jake Lewis.
When Jake was a child he lost his mom and dad in a car accident.
He was also injured in the accident and would forever have a bum leg.
He is raised by his grandfather and has two best friends, Rick the all american athlete and Sam the brainiac,m Who are also dating.
But Jake is also in love with Sam.
This story really pulls you in just on the first page.
Jake is always feeling sorry for himself and thinking he's going to be alone.
Then Jake and Jenna(Who is Ricks sister) start dating and things start to look up. He starts gaining the confidence in himself that he didn't have before. 
But after his grandfather passed away and Jake is left with no more living relatives
Sam and rick help him through his grief in a way you wouldn't even imagine, but it's beautiful.
After that everything starts to change. 
Jenna and Jake break up and Jenna goes to college in Miami. Rick gets signed to play pro basketball and Sam and Jake are left behind to finish their college education.


In the end though, Jake gets the HEA he deserves.

This book was a quick and touching read, with some VERY steamy scenes. 
I loved Jake's character and seeing what would happen next.
This book focuses a lot on overcoming obstacles and inner demons to realize you are exactly who you're supposed to be and that everyone can be loved.
Theresa wrote yet another wonderful book, i just wish it would have been longer.