***REVIEW*** Raven by Stacey Rourke


Raven by Stacey Rourke
Legends Saga book 2

After reading the first book Crane I hoped this one would be better.
And it definitely didn't disappoint!
I was instantly hooked into this book.
It continues where Crane left off with Ireland and Rip driving to New York
in search of the reasoning behind her tattoo.
Along the way they stop to rest and are confronted by Noah.
Noah ends up just wanting to help and joins them on their journey.
Once in new york they Start off at the tattoo parlor but don't get much help,
just a name of an art gallery.
When they get to the art gallery they find out that the tattoo was a design from a painting in
a stock Brokers home.
Once they meet the stock Broker Things start to get weird again.
Ridley, the stock broker, ends up being connected somehow to Edgar Allen Poe.
From there the 4 of them must defeat and put to rest Edgars long dead then alive again fiancee Lenore.

This book was a mixture of badassery and romance.
I loved watching the relationship between Ireland and Noah build and strengthen
All the while Ireland is dealing with her inner beast that is the Horseman.

I would definitely reccomend this series to anyone looking for a
darker read.

And can't wait for another book by Stacey!!!!