***REVIEW*** London Loves by Theresa Troutman


This book was absolutely AMAZING!!!
I was hooked from the minute i started reading it.

It starts 5 years after the second books ending and to read how Sebastian and Tess's life progressed with Mattie was fantastic.
They move to london after Tess gets a job opportunity over there and their lives chnge completely.
Sebastian Finally gets a relationship with all of his siblings. He also finds and meets his father, which really pleased me!
This book really had some tear jerkers too, Maxwells death was so sad. Penny and him just gotten married and found happiness and he was taken so suddenly. His death was slightly redeemed with her and alister getting a second chance. 
This book was all about growing up and building relationships as well as learning who you want to be and who you'll become.
I loved it all!!!
It made me laugh and cry. It made me smile to the last page.
I can't wait for more Sebastian, Tess, Mattie, and baby William. (: